A Boston Farewell To Derek Jeter

CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — Derek Jeter.

The mere utterance of those two words has always and will always evoke a wide range of reactions in the city of Boston, running the gamut from deep-seated hatred to begrudging respect. So it’s entirely fitting that when Jeter’s 20-year, Hall of Fame career officially comes to an end on Sunday in Boston, emotions and opinions remain varied.

Oh, to be sure, it will be a respectful scene all weekend at Fenway Park. Fans here know better than to not #RE2PECTthe captain in his final days in the major leagues, as evidenced by the ovations Jeter received when stepping to the plate in Boston over the summer. Sure, he’s been the target of millions of Red Sox fans’ scorn since the mid-’90s, but any fan who appreciates the game and recognizes greatness was smart enough to offer some appreciation when seeing Jeter this year…

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