How to Deal If You Hate Your Boss’s Political Views


The recent Hobby Lobby ruling illustrates how adding politics into the workplace can create volatility. Even though most situations are unlikely to call for Supreme Court involvement, if your political leanings clash with those of your boss, the outcome can be uncomfortable at best. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but handling different views the wrong way can put your career at risk.

As risky as it can be, a lot of us still engage in political talk at the office: A CareerBuilder survey found that 36% of workers say they discuss politics at work. Nearly a quarter of those have had a “heated discussion or fight” with a colleague or higher-up over politics. Older workers and men are more likely to talk politics, but these discussions span across demographics. Here’s how to keep a political firestorm from torching your career.

Keep away from contentious topics when possible. “If…

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