All the Cars GM Has Recalled This Year Would Wrap the Earth 4 Times


If you’re wondering why it seems that there have been more car recalls than ever in recent months, it’s because there actually have been — Before this year, 2004 held the honors for the most number of vehicles recalled in a single year, at 33.01 million. Now, 2014 holds that record, with 39.85 million recalls already. And we’re still six months away from Dec. 31.

While many automakers have announced major recalls this year, General Motors has contributed to nearly three-fourths of the 2014 figure. This year, GM has recalled over 28.5 million vehicles worldwide. Its latest recall involved over 7.6 million cars in the U.S., and over 8.45 million in North America.

Here’s seven things you could do with the 28,580,353 cars GM has recalled worldwide this year.

1. The recalled vehicles could wrap around the Earth more than four times.

Most of the recalled GM vehicles are over…

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