A Deal Between a Father and Son

True Story


I really wanted this Lego set. It was the summer between 6th and 7th grade. UFOs was the newest theme, it spun, it turned into 4 vehicles, it came with 4 figures, and oh I wanted it so badly. For some reason my dad had taken me to Toys R Us. (I don’t know why, this wasn’t a common destination, perhaps we were waiting for the tires to change at the Costco next door.) But there we were, in the Lego aisle, and my dad struck a deal with me. “Write 10 short stories this summer, and I’ll buy you this Lego set.” Mind you, this was not a $10 small set, not the midrange $35. This was a top of the line, $70 set. This was major. Not only did my dad offer me this deal, he would buy it for me first, trusting that I would deliver later. So I did…

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