Are Men Becoming……SOFT?

Word up brother!

The BlackManPost


This is a question that I posed to myself for about seven years now, and I continue to wonder this pondering question. My answer will not shock you, but men are becoming more softer everyday that I wake up.

There are multiple reasons behind me saying this but, I shall only point out about two serious points that make the most since in the case of our men becoming soft.


One reason in my opinion for males in general becoming softer than thier counterparts is as simple as an attitude. Of course the era has changed and men are out trying to catch up with their emotional sides…..But come on fellas whatever happened to that testicular fortitude that makes us…us? I mean there is nothing wrong with catering to your woman, and making her feel like a queen, but some of you guys have taken this “Draking” thing to a whole…

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