The Man Who Loves Books Too Much

I am the man who loves books too much! As society becomes more and more technologically advanced, I constantly worry about the existence of many things, including books. Nowadays, people turn to e-readers, Ipads, Kindles, Nooks, tablets, etc. in order to read. To be honest, I was guilty of this for some time. Strangely, at work I’m not allowed to read the physical copy of books but yer digital versions are acceptable. My girlfriend was aware of my predicament so she went and bought me a NOOK this past Christmas. I read a couple books on it but after a while I just couldn’t anymore. I now refuse to read digital versions of books. Nothing will ever top reading physical versions of books! I hope technology doesn’t bring about the end of hard copies of books!


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  1. LegallyFabulouss says :

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    IRONICALLY, There is a book called “The Man Who Loved Books Too Much” by Allison Hoover. I could swear the book is based on you 😉

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