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As if Student Loans Aren’t Enough, Now There Are ‘Student Success Fees’

As if Student Loans Aren’t Enough, Now There Are ‘Student Success Fees’


GOOGLE Acknowledges Our ‘Right to be Forgotten’

GOOGLE Acknowledges Our ‘Right to be Forgotten’

‘The Future’ of the US

‘The Future’ of the US

They raise their red flags early on and yet still strike up jobs in government, business, politics, etc. The nation should be concerned about their future after these findings!

Why Your Doctor Probably Has a “Do Not Resuscitate” Order


The greatest success of the American medical system is also its greatest failure. Thanks to amazing advances in biomedicine, doctors can keep you living long after you would have passed away in earlier years. Today a 65-year-old man can expect to live past age 82, and a 65-year-old woman can expect to live even longer. But those extra years can come at a terrible cost. Millions of Americans spend the last few years of their lives in and out of hospitals, racking up huge medical bills. A quarter of the total Medicare budget is spent on the last year of recipients’ lives, with 40% of that money going to their final 30 days. Worse than those billions, though, is the physical and psychological pain that accompanies aggressive end-of-life treatment. Intubations, dialysis, feeding tubes, invasive tests—for far too many Americans, the last phase of life is spent in a hospital intensive…

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10 Simple Ways to Make People Like You More


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Have you noticed there are people who always seem to be more likable?

In a recent episode of the new ABC drama Mind Games, one of the characters mentions an interesting personality trait that defines the most popular people: they more readily admit their weaknesses rather than waiting for them to be revealed over time. The show is about using cunning tricks to manipulate others and ensure a positive outcome, so it’s a bit ridiculous, but there’s truth in the observation.

In the office, it’s possible to exhibit traits that help you to be more likable. In my years as a corporate manager and developing my writing career, I’ve noticed when people appear more likable and I’ve tried to…

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The Boys Are Back!

The other day the Boston Red Sox were on a ten game losing streak and now they’ve won three straight. Life is GR-R-EAT! Hopefully they can keep this run going!