Stunning Imagery From April 27th-29th Tornado Outbreak

This is so unfortunate…

CBS Boston

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Even when it’s turning tragic, one can’t help but notice the stunning power and spectacle of weather. We’re seeing it at work this week as numerous severe storms have been popping up since Sunday. This has easily been the biggest outbreak of the year so far, and largest since early on in 2013. In fact, there may be as many confirmed tornadoes before this exits on Thursday than we saw for all of 2014 across the U.S. leading up to it.


Here’s where we started on the 27th of April. Due to a huge area of high ‘blocking’ pressure over Canada/Greenland, these storms had nowhere to go. Two classic mid-lattitude cyclones spinning and impacting the U.S. Source: NOAA


Many signatures like this over the past several days. This one comes via @USTornadoes. Base reflectivity is in the upper left, storm relative velocity is…

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