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Republicans Aren’t For Wage Increase

Republicans Aren’t For Wage Increase

Are you surprised? I’m not.


Drug Resistance a ‘Global Threat’

Drug Resistance a ‘Global Threat’

Donald Sterling’s A Victim Too

Donald Sterling's A Victim Too

Donald Sterling and ‘Mistress’

Are You Interested?

Are You Interested?

After the lifetime ban of Donald Sterling, everyone now wants to own the Los Angeles Clippers.

“Good Morning Vietnammmmm”


I wake up today to yet another alert regarding the missing Malaysian Airlines jet. I appreciate the heads up but in all honesty, I feel as if these media sources need to stop digging themselves into an even bigger hole. Today, the media will most likely report that they found it and tomorrow, they’ll turn around and apologize for yesterday’s false alarm. Seriously, if the media coverage surrounding this case doesn’t make you question how reliable these media sources are, then I don’t know what will. At this point, it is obvious we are being given halfhearted truths. I would hope moving forward, folks would now keep an open mind as they watch, read, or listen to news. Remember, “half the truth is often a whole lie” (Alan B. Cheales, 1875)!

China Could Overtake the U.S. as the World’s No. 1 Economy This Year


China’s economy is catching up to the U.S.’s much more quickly than anticipated. That’s according to a new report from the International Comparison Program of the World Bank.

The study recalibrates GDP statistics based on updated estimates of “purchasing-power parity” — a measure of what money can actually buy in different economies. In the process, the economy of China comes out far larger than we had previously thought. Its GDP surges to $13.5 trillion in 2011 (the latest year available), compared with the $7.3 trillion calculated using exchange rates. That catapults China’s economy much closer to that of the U.S. — at $15.5 trillion. Forecasting ahead, these figures show that China could overtake America as the world’s largest economy as early as this year.

This day, of course, was always going to arrive. The ascent of China to the world’s No. 1 slot has been inevitable ever since the…

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