Civil Rights 50 Years Later: 2 ‘Freedom Riders’ Discuss Movement

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Originally posted on CBS New York:

NEW YORK (WCBS 880) — This month marks the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Over the next few weeks, WCBS 880′s Wayne Cabot will take a look at the law and its impact on the decades that follow.

It is all part of the event CBS News 50 Years Later – Civil Rights, powered by Microsoft Bing Pulse.

America’s Deep South chose to ignore Supreme Court rulings as far back as the 1940s that said “separate but equal” was unconstitutional.

Cabot says that all changed when 13 people tested it and highlights the story of two “Freedom Riders.”

Take a listen below:

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Yes, You Can Be Too Talented for Your Job

Originally posted on TIME:

If you always sort of suspected that some of the problems you encountered at work were because you were just too smart for the job — well, you may be onto something. New research looks at how people perform when they’re part of a team, and it turns out there is such a thing as too much talent.

The study’s lead author, INSEAD assistant professor of organizational behavior Roderick Swaab, writes that almost everybody has a linear view of talent: that is, if a little bit is good, a lot must be better. But an analysis of how well sports teams perform based on the overall amount of talent among members finds that it doesn’t usually work like that — and Swaab says this has important implications for organizations and management.

“[They] are similar to organizational teams that require a high level of coordination between team members,” Swaab says. Soccer…

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Do Not Leave Home Without These Credit Cards

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Originally posted on TIME:

Although credit card perks vary widely, the overwhelming majority of rewards credit cards give the user travel insurance coverage. Among rewards cards from major issuers, nearly all offer travel accident insurance and almost 80% offer luggage insurance, according to the website, and all of the major networks — Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover — provide coverage for rental cars, with Visa, AmEx and Discover offering at least some form of coverage on all their cards.

Insurance is a good perk, but coverage isn’t equal from issuer to issuer or card to card. There also are other caveats, like high APRs or annual fees, that can detract from the benefits.

And watch the fine print, says credit card expert Jason Steele. “For example, American Express cards offer good coverage as a standard benefit, but exclude many luxury vehicles and pickup trucks,” he points out.

You should also…

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How to Deal If You Hate Your Boss’s Political Views

Originally posted on TIME:

The recent Hobby Lobby ruling illustrates how adding politics into the workplace can create volatility. Even though most situations are unlikely to call for Supreme Court involvement, if your political leanings clash with those of your boss, the outcome can be uncomfortable at best. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but handling different views the wrong way can put your career at risk.

As risky as it can be, a lot of us still engage in political talk at the office: A CareerBuilder survey found that 36% of workers say they discuss politics at work. Nearly a quarter of those have had a “heated discussion or fight” with a colleague or higher-up over politics. Older workers and men are more likely to talk politics, but these discussions span across demographics. Here’s how to keep a political firestorm from torching your career.

Keep away from contentious topics when possible. “If…

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Guy Effortlessly Hops Over Sports Car Going 80 MPH

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Originally posted on TIME:

When it comes to hopping over Lamborghinis, Sweden’s Al the Jumper doesn’t really get nervous; he just does the calculations in his head, and knows that he’ll be able to clear the car if he sticks to them.

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Stressful Days Can Slow Your Metabolism, Study Says

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Originally posted on TIME:

You might think that on a high-intensity stressful day would cause you to burn more calories, but research shows you’d likely be wrong.

Women who ate a high-fat meal after they were stressed burned calories more slowly, according to a new study.

Our bodies metabolize slower under stress, but the types of food we crave when we are stressed or depressed tend to be very high in fat and sugar. New research published in the journal Biological Psychiatry suggests how that combination of factors could result in significant weight gain.

Researchers from Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center interviewed 58 women about stressors they experienced the day before, such as arguments with spouses or trouble with kids, before giving them a meal of eggs, turkey sausage, biscuits and gravy containing 930 calories and 60 grams of fat.

The women then wore masks which were able to measure their metabolism by…

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